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Elann Sample Skeins
Sep 8 Berroco Keltic


Berroco Keltic


50% wool/40% acrylic/10% viscose rayon

hand wash/dry flat
chunky weight, 16st/4" on US size 10
50g, 103yds

sample color: cranberry mead (I think...)

I find wool blends to be interesting because I like to see what happens when wool gets teamed up with what-have-you. So far, in my small experience, I'd say it's always easy to sense the what-have-you before the wool, and I'd say the same about Keltic. It has, to me, an acrylic-like consistency of stitches and a very slight acrylic sheen (although I imagine that could be from the rayon). The swatch feels unusual, like no wool I've felt ... I'd call it a "brushed" softness. None of this is to say that I would dismiss this yarn because of the acrylic content. I particularly loved the stitch consistency, and I always favor a yarn that looks as good coming out of a bath as going in. The few comments I saw were complimentary, particularly about the softness of this yarn.
I love the yarn, the softness, warmth, and lofty comfiness of this sweater.
I love this yarn its very soft and the colors are really nice.

The only thing that concerns me would be those "long self-striping color changes." Since I prefer sweater-size garments with lots of planning, I'd be a bit nervous because it would be impossible to predict where the color changes would happen. I looked through the projects, and in some colors the changes are much more dramatic than others. The Argyll is probably at the far end with more obvious contrast than, say, the cranberry mead (as far as I can tell, that is). My sample skein looks nothing like any of the snips I got for this yarn, so I'm taking it on faith that my sample skein IS one of the current colors.
I didn’t take into consideration the color changes so the front and back won’t match...

Swatch: Longtail cast on, 20 st.
k,p repeat, two rows, then stockinette:
*p row, k row*

Berroco Keltic preblockPreblock-->
With size 9 needles:

4-3/4"(W) x 3"(H)
12rows/2" --> 24rows/4"

Soaked in cold water and a little dish soap; no dye run. Rolled in a towel and then patted out to dry. No pins were used during drying.








Berroco Keltic postblock

<--After Block:
4-3/4"(W) x 3"(H)
11.5rows/2" --> 23rows/4"

The blocked swatch doesn't seem to have changed at all in size, but the row gauge counted up slightly differently. The swatch is still fuzzy and soft, and there is a lot more drape than stiffness. If I was not so much looking for a soft cushy sweater yarn, I'm thinking I would run this gauge up a little higher to give the fabric a little more body.




Some projects in which I particularly noticed the color changes:


Sample Garment

Berroco Keltic garments