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Elann Sample Skeins
Oct 27 Needful Yarns Disco




Needful Yarns
70% nylon, 20% mohair, 10% acrylic
hand wash/dry flat
DK weight, 21st/4" on US size 6

50g, 196 yds
sample color: golden ember

I never thought I'd consider this yarn. It is both shiny AND furry--not my thing. But surprise! I thought the swatch was delightful. I can't come up with an everyday reason to wear mohair, or I'd get some of that Shimmering Rose (a limited quantity color) for myself. I will settle, however, to make DD a Celeste Lingerie Wrap, in black even, if she'll have it. I think Disco might have the right combination of light airiness and body for that project. (I might have to fudge the gauge numbers, though.)

I didn't notice splitting or more than a stray hair or two of shedding. Maybe it did a bit more of both of those things, but it was under my radar at the time.

The two comments I dredged out of the small number of Ravelry projects were: "I’m really happy with the weight and drape of this yarn." and "This yarn is pretty nice to work with although I do get the occasional entanglement."

Swatch: Longtail cast on, 26 st. Three rows of seed stitch, and then stockinette to the end.

Disco preblockPreblock-->
With size 6 needles:

4-1/8"(W) x 2-3/8"(H)
~33 rows/4"

Soaked the swatch in cold water and a little dish soap; no dye run. Rolled in a towel and then patted out to dry. I did not pin it down, and for the most part it dried flat.






Disco postblock

<--After Block:
4-1/8"(W) x 2-3/8"(H)
~33 rows/4"

As I have noted in the past, mohair becomes more obvious after a bath. The shininess is not nearly as glaring and annoying as I might have thought it would be from the skein or the swatch photos. (Maybe I'd have to stand in full sun in a Celeste Wrap for that.) I think it is more noticeable in this post block photo than in actuality.

The feel is soft and silky, to me, but underneath I think some sensitive people might find it a teeniest bit scratchy.


This is my last swatch--my sample skein year is up, and I am retiring my paper ruler. I feel rather glutted with the yarn I've bought this year and must, must get at least some of it out of the drawers. (Freak! :o) ) It has been fun and educational to do the knit swatch report thing all year, and I hope someone will jump in and do something of their own version of it, and join Mamacat's Crochet report.

Thank you for coming by!


Sample Garment

Disco garment