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Oct 20 Lana Pura


Lana Pura


2009.10.20 Limited Edition
Lana Pura
100% Tasmanian wool
hand wash/dry flat
DK weight, 21st/4" on US size 5

50g, 152 yds
sample color: amaretti

I want me a Tasmanian sheep. Preferably one that spins its own wool, so I won't have to add that activity to my pile.  I'd pay.

This is smooth, soft, beautiful wool. Except for gauge issues, the worst I can say for it is "a little splitty," mostly on the first row and bind off.

Gauge, now--I'd say this is much more like 24st/4" gauge, at least, not 21 as claimed. I don't know what others may like or tolerate, but my 23st/4" swatch is not what I would call a stable sweater gauge. It is still much too stretchy for my taste. I had to go to 6s in order to get the gauge at 23. With 5s my gauge was 24 (or more).

Swatch: Longtail cast on, 26 st. Three rows of seed stitch, and then stockinette to the end.

Lana Pura preblockPreblock-->
With size 6 needles:

4-1/4"(W) x 2-1/8"(H)
8rows/1"-->32 rows/4"

Soaked a curly swatch in cold water and a little dish soap; no dye run. Rolled in a towel and then patted out to dry. I didn't pin this swatch, although maybe I should have. The bind off edge curled up a bit as it dried.

Let me warn you--at 23st/4" I thought it was a little concerning how much this yarn relaxed, stretched, and went limp when wet. You will have to handle a full garment with care. This little swatch stretched an extra 1/2" in width and looked fairy ventilated when I laid it out to dry. (Seriously, I really think it needs more yarn in there per inch.) Still, surprisingly, it snapped all the way back overnight and pretty much looks just the same as before it got wet.


Lana Pura postblock

<--After Block:
4-1/4"(W) x 2-1/8"(H)
8rows/1"-->32 rows/4"

Fully dry, it has recovered completely. Same size. Go figure.

The body in this swatch was nonexistent, below, when almost dry; this morning it is a little better.

I trust no yarn, but I do have plans for a small haul of this! I will run my gauge at 25-26 st/4" at least.


Lana Pura garment

Sample Garment

Lana Pura garment