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Elann Sample Skeins
JULY 2009
Jul 7 Tahki Sky


Tahki Sky


100% Biofil Cotton

hand wash/dry flat
aran weight, 17st/4" on US size 8
50g, 92yds

sample color: coffee bean

I tried to make predictions about this yarn just by purusing the snips on the card. The unwound tubes warned me that this would be a splitty baby, and it was. Fortunately, I think that is the worst I can say about this yarn. I thought it was a pleasure to work with and produced a great fabric.

Because of the many plies, my past experience said that maybe the swatch would flatten on block, but it didn't. Because it is cotton I also thought the swatch could shrink in height and spread in width, but it didn't quite do that. The 17 st/4" I was expecting out of my 19 didn't materialize. Perhaps in a looser gauge than mine, stretching would still be a threat.

In regard to the splitting, I particularly had trouble with the first/last stitches that I tend to hold close to the end of the needles... I discovered that the plies like to jump off and it was a challenge to put those stitches back on and get started on the row. Every stitch on the needle spreads its plies out wide, so I needed to corral each stitch in order to work it. Doing something like a P2 through the back loops would probably be even more challenging than it already is. You will definitely have to watch the face of your knitting in order to be sure the plies are behaving.

Swatch: Longtail cast on, 22 st.
k,p repeat, three rows, then stockinette:
*p row, k row*

Tahki Sky preblockPreblock-->
With size 6 needles:

4-1/2"(W) x 2-5/8"(H)
13rows/2" --> 26rows/4"

Soaked in cold water and a little dish soap. At first I thought this wasn't going to run, but quite a while later the the dye had let go. Rolled in a towel and then patted out to dry. It did not need pins to keep it flat.

The color on the edges in the preblock photo is wonky. On my monitor, the color is closer to the postblock photo.




Tahki Sky postblock

<--After Block:
4-1/2"(W) x 2-3/8"(H)
14rows/2" --> 28rows/4"

I love the evenness of this swatch after block, and the definition of the seed stitch. The swatch is at a higher gauge than suggested, which I think is a good thing. It was definitely nice to work with a fatter yarn again!

This swatch is cottony soft and consistent. I like the subtle color selection a lot. If you can get past the splittiness, it is a very nice yarn.




Sample Garments

Tahki Sky sample garment