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Aug 4 Tahki Yarns Bali


Tahki Bali

Tahki Yarns
100% bamboo

hand wash/dry flat
chunky weight, 16st/4" on US size 10.5
50g, 81yds

sample color: fuchsia

This is a woven ribbon yarn, smooth and silky, with a bit of shine. My only real complaint in the knitting is that my little ball was a twisty little brat. I always feel the compulsion to untwist ribbon yarn more often than regular yarn (regular yarn is just nice enough to hide its twistiness until it becomes obvious you need to do something about it.) I did not split this yarn.

Comments on Ravelry weren't glowing. They include (paraphrasing here): love this yarn, so soft... stretches... grows... makes you look heavy... would not use yarn again for a fitted garment... love the feel, but grows beyond belief... knit a size smaller than you normally would wear... some ends did fray... "hated this yarn it shrinks when wet and although it dries to normal size it stretches while you wear it! thumbs down!"

Yikes, harsh. I only got through 3.5 pages of 6 pages of projects, so you may wish to unearth a few for yourself.

Swatch: Longtail cast on, 20 st.
k,p repeat, two rows, then stockinette:
*p row, k row*

Tahki Bali preblockPreblock-->
With size 10 needles:

4-1/4"(W) x 2-3/4"(H)
Approx 18st/4"

I measured it...and
then forgot to get st x rows.

Here it is...all "rowed out" and everything. I was too lazy to get up and find my #9 needle for the purl rows.

Soaked in cold water and a little dish soap; no dye run. Rolled in a towel and then patted out to dry. The little swatch became a sodden, stone-like wad. I can just imagine that a whole garment in this yarn would be a little scary. The stitches were flattened, and no pins were necessary to keep the swatch flat.



Tahki Bali postblock

<--After Block:
4-1/4"(W) x 2-5/8"(H)
13rows/2" --> 26rows/4"

Silky, drapey.

If you like this kind of yarn, note that my gauge is smaller than suggested, and I would heartily suggest that 18 or more stitches rather than 16st/4" could only help towards preventing the well-documented growth factor.






Sample Garments

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