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Aug 25 Knit One Crochet Two Pure Cashmere


Pure Cashmere


Knit One Crochet Two
Pure Cashmere
100% cashmere

hand wash cold, gentle/dry flat
DK weight, 22st/4" on US size 6
25g, 88yds

sample color: carnation

I had never handled cashmere before, so you may imagine that I was expecting something out of the ordinary. Initially, I was mildly perplexed because it seemed to me that this yarn felt fairly mundane to work with. Maybe my hands are too rough, but it had me questioning what the big deal could be.

I had no splitting problems. I didn't see any particular yarn comments in my quick pass through the small number of Ravelry projects using this yarn.

Swatch: Longtail cast on, 18 st.
k,p repeat, two rows, then stockinette:
*p row, k row*

Pure Cashmere preblockPreblock-->
With size 4 needles:

3-3/8"(W) x 1-1/2"(H)
11st/2" --> 22st/4"
8rows/1" --> 32rows/4"

Soaked in cold water and a little dish soap; no dye run. Rolled in a towel and then patted out to dry. No pins were used during drying.






Pure Cashmere postblock

<--After Block:
3-3/8"(W) x

Well, I believe the wash/block has vindicated this yarn, because I find it much softer now. I feel the softness best when I touch the swatch to my cheek or lips -- my fingers just don't register it to the same degree (my failing and not the yarn's, I think).

The suggested 22st/4" gauge is not at all compacted, and I personally would aim a little higher, say 24st/4", if I were making a garment.



Sample Garments

Pure Cashmere garment