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About My Elann Sample Skeins Experience

OK, I admit: I am a bit of a Yarn Virgin. My experience has been fairly limited to straightforward cotton, plain jane wool, and acrylics. I signed up for the Elann Sample Skeins program because I saw that it can't help but give me something of a yarn education.

My plan is to knit all the sample skeins into swatches, block them, and to observe. I decided that I wanted to post these "experiences" because: (1) I've been reading knit blogs for two years, and I am a better knitter because of them, and (2) I also like to get information about yarn before I invest in it, and I bet you do, too. So, I'm giving a little back.

I am huge on BLOCKED swatches. You really have no idea what you're going to get when the knitting is over--unless you block your swatch. On the other hand, please don't take my results as gospel. My opinions are just that--opinions. The sample skeins do not produce a very large swatch, so any numbers I produce will be useful only as an indication of trend. I am a continental knitter and tend to knit a little loosely, so I will use whatever needle gets me closest to the stated gauge (usually a smaller needle).

As the virtuous example I am, I promise that when I do buy a yarn, I will definitely knit me a much bigger swatch and do the blocking thing again. Go forth and do likewise!

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"Ply Types and Knit Stitches"--Knitty article

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